About us


  • Our goal is to allow your customers to arrive at their destination relaxed and secure with excellent climate control solutions.
  • We help develop the future of automobility.
  • Competent partner for leading development technologies in the field of climate control and thermal management.


  • We put our personality into your projects.
  • We like innovation.
  • We start immediately and do not beat about the bush.
  • We are individual, fast and efficient.

I've founded NeSt Engineering to bring my expertise in automotive climate control and thermal management for functional and software development to OEM's and automotive suppliers. In the development of new climate control and thermal management solutions in the automotive environment, we can support you with our services in your daily development work individually tailored to your requirements.

Stefan Neumueller

Managing Director

NEST Engineering Solutions GmbH

What we offer

  • Model-based software development for automotive climate control and thermal management functions.
  • Experts with special automotive system know-how about: climate control, thermal control,  heating ventialtion air condition function (HVAC), R744/R134/1234YF refrigerant circiut, CAN / LIN networks, air flow, sensors, actuators.
  • R744 refrigerant circuit development
  • Experts in volume flow control (measuring, steering and evaluation) for 4-zone climate control systems
  • Thermal management system know-how (system interconnections, refrigerant circuit control, heater pump, battery cooling, sensors, actuators)
  • General automotive knowledge (bus systems, CAN, LIN, AUTOSAR, diagnostics)
  • Requirement management, change management, conception
  • development processes according to V-Modell, aSpice compliant
  • process management

Development tools

  • Matlab/Simulink, Embedded Coder, TargetLink
  • dSpace Micro Autobox II
  • SpeedGoat
  • Debugger iSystem
  • PTC Integrity, Tortoise GIT, Plan.io
  • dSPACE ControlDesk
  • dSPACE ConfigurationDesk
  • CANAPE, IPEmotion
  • Vector vCDM